5 Tips and Tricks for Easy Area Rug Shopping

Area rugs are a blend of function and form. Certainly, you’ll walk on them, just like other flooring types, but they’re really more of an accent than a foundational piece. This can make shopping for area rugs somewhat difficult.

Truly, the rug you choose cannot impact the function of your space – you wouldn’t put a luxurious shag in an office where rolling chairs could get mired in the weave, for example. However, there’s a much higher level of importance tied to the style of the piece you choose to pull together your décor or act as a statement piece.

The right area rug can be a work of art that exemplifies your personal style, makes your living space totally unique, and gets passed from one generation to the next. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you easily pick the perfect area rug.

1. Measure Twice
When choosing an area rug, nailing down measurements is imperative to ensure that you don’t end up with the wrong size. First, you need an idea of where the rug will go. If it’s meant for your living room, you’ll probably want to arrange furniture around it, so measure the area where your furniture currently rests so you can decide if you want a rug that just exceeds the boundaries of the coffee table, that rests under the front legs of sofas and chairs, or that all of your lounge furniture can fit on with room to spare.

Don’t forget to consider the shape of the rug, as well. Rectangular rugs are typical, but you can also find square and round options that may better suit your room or your preferred furniture arrangement. When in doubt, lay it out. Use tape markers to visualize where your rug will rest, and if you’re between sizes, always opt for the larger rug (unless it exceeds the dimensions of your room).

2. Material Considerations
Area rugs may be fashioned from a wide variety of natural materials, such as wool, silk, hemp, linen, and even animal hide. They can also be made from synthetic fibers. Wool is among the most common materials traditionally used for rugs because it is soft, durable, and naturally resistant to staining. Other natural materials tend to be more delicate, but with proper care, they can make for beautiful and long-lasting additions to your home.

Synthetic carpeting is a popular choice these days due to mass production, cheap pricing, and resistance to fading, among other qualities. The caveat is that synthetic area rugs tend to be more cheaply made, so they won’t last as long as natural fiber rugs and they won’t have the same lasting value. In addition, you may be averse to the many chemicals used to create these products, both from a health and an environmental standpoint.

3. Weaves
There are several different weaves when it comes to rugs, including hand-knotted, hooked, and tufted, for example. The main difference you’ll notice is the feeling of the rug underfoot, as well as the level of care required.

Before you choose, you’ll need to consider the area in which you’re placing the rug (high traffic, pets and kids, food present, etc.), the amount of care and maintenance you’re comfortable with, and the price you want to pay. Hand-knotted rugs are the gold standard, and they’ll last a lifetime and beyond with proper care, but they can be pricier. Of course, this is definitely a situation where you get what you pay for.

4. Styling
The beauty of area rugs is that they are essentially artworks on the floor, which means you have a unique opportunity to let your personality shine and make a statement. It’s not a bad idea to consider existing design elements (paint, furniture, and so on) when choosing an area rug, but remember that these pieces are all transitional. It’s best to select a rug that speaks to your personal taste so that it can have a lasting impact in your home, even when you get new furniture or repaint a room.

5. Customization
If all else fails and you just can’t find what you’re looking for in an area rug, keep in mind that customization is possible. Some designers not only custom size rugs, but also offer a palette with hundreds of dye colors to choose from so you can create the one-of-a-kind rug that truly suits your home and your style.

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