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the Collections

the Collections

Brilliant artists challenged and redefined the scope of what constituted art with their forays
into abstraction, creating expressive and compelling masterpieces without the recognizable
form and focus that had long been assumed necessary for the inception and acceptance of
art.  The Saulé Collection captures the spirit of the abstract movement with modern rugs
that beg to be examined.

We’ve created a collection that turns tradition on its head.  We deconstructed classical
designs and repetitive motifs by distressing patterns, blending styles, and infusing pops of
modern color.  These updated takes on traditional rugs are immersive and inspiring.

The illusion of depth and dimension make you want to reach out and touch these
contemporary rugs, featuring geometric patterns softened into organic lines and gradients. 
Visually tactile and remarkably soothing, these orderly designs are the foundation for a calm
and inviting home environment.

Joyful colors and imaginative designs transform vintage rugs into modern works of art that
will stand out as the focal point of your home.  Vibrant and eye-catching, you couldn’t
choose a better conversation piece to complement your home interior.

If you love the orderly appeal of vintage rugs, these designs are sure to please your left
brain.  Don’t worry if your creative right brain also boasts a healthy appetite – with bright
shades of saffron, cobalt, pomegranate, and more, these traditional rugs suffuse your home
with modern appeal.

Madison Lily Rugs proudly carries on the ages-old tradition of crafting luxurious, traditional
and modern hand-knotted rugs.  What makes our company unique is that every rug is also
designed by us, allowing us to control every aspect of production in order to ensure rugs of
exceptional quality.  With 25 years of industry experience, we deliver custom rugs in
Houston and around the world that are truly original and designed to last.  We currently
have several stunning and evocative collections to choose from, including traditional and
modern rugs, as well as bespoke, custom rugs.

– Marie Flanigan
Simple elegance characterizes this chic collection of contemporary rugs by interior designer
Marie Flanigan.  The sophisticated interplay of neutral palettes, contrast, and texture create
the perfect backdrop for your life, adding powerful, yet understated elegance to every room.

Not only are all of our available designs original to our brand, a distinction almost unheard
of in the rug industry today, but we offer custom rug design to ensure you enjoy a
masterpiece that sets the stage for your exclusive home décor.

Top Quality Materials
At Madison Lily Rugs, we believe in creating livable art that lasts a lifetime.

It all begins with selecting top-quality materials.   All of our original designs and custom rugs
are exquisitely rendered using the top two categories in each class of raw material, sourced
directly from Nepal or India.  We offer long-term care solutions to ensure that your custom
rugs always look as fresh and immaculate as the day you buy them.

Luxury that Fits Your Lifestyle
Our modern rugs in Houston and around the world exceed expectations on every level,
thanks to original designs, luxury materials, and our rare commitment to delivering end-to-
end beauty in your home.  At Madison Lily Rugs, we understand the difficulty of striking a
balance between beauty and function, which is why we go out of our way to create
luxurious rugs that not only amaze and inspire visually, but also beg to be part of your
everyday life.

Comfort and sophistication go hand-in-hand at Madison Lily Rugs. With our modern and
traditional rugs in Houston, you can live your life and still enjoy the pleasure of touchable
works of art beneath your feet.

Unparalleled Service
We offer complimentary delivery with every rug purchase, along with stain guard and rug
pad to ensure your functional work of art remains breathtaking for years to come.  You
won’t find another company offering contemporary rugs that provides the same level of
quality, service, and devotion to complete customer care that Madison Lily Rugs provides.


Request more information or come see our work in person.


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