How to Choose a Rug That Complements Your Space

Hardwood and concrete flooring are extremely popular in today’s homes, and although they’re resilient and easy to clean, neither feels comfortable underfoot. Combine that with the unfinished look of bare floors and you know it’s time to invest in an area rug!

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Providing a much needed dose of warmth, comfort, and personality, area rugs often lay the foundation of a room’s design. But what happens when every detail, from the paint to the furnishings, is complete and you’re hunting for a rug to complement a palette that’s already in place?  Here are a few tips for sourcing area rugs that will help you finish off the look! 

Determine Your Preferred Palette

Choosing a rug color based on your home’s current aesthetic can be tricky. Over the years, it’s likely that you’ll change up the color of your walls and furnishings, while your rug should serve as an investment piece that grows with you over time. 

Reflect on the colors that have brought you joy over the course of your lifetime. Everyone is drawn to certain hues and determining your preferred palette will help pinpoint a timeless rug color for you and your family. 

Julie Soefer study designed by Creative Tonic

Consider the Size of Your Space

Lighter hues generally stand out while darker ones recede. It’s the reason why so many people paint their ceilings white, despite the color on the walls. White ceilings help the room feel light, airy, and expansive overhead while the visual weight is carried closer to the floor.  

Marie Flanigan uses this Geometric design in Telluride, Colorado

If you’re facing a lack of square footage, lighter rugs are your friends! They immediately give the illusion of a larger space while darker hues tend to make your room feel smaller.

Marcus Mohon Interiors lays a vibrant foundation with our Gloaming Fuschia rug.

Focus on Feng Shui

Whether or not you’re a Feng Shui fan, you can’t deny the impact colors have on our mental and emotional well-being. Our homes are designed to celebrate our personal sense of style, but they’re also crafted to evoke certain moods and emotional responses.

Court House keeps things cool with our Ace rug.

If creating a warm and inviting atmosphere is your top priority, warmer tones like red, orange, and gold are likely to deliver.  If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a calm, tranquil environment, cooler hues like blue and grey are a solid place to start.

Katie Scott warms things up with this Saffron rug.

Play it Safe with Neutrals

If you’re struggling to decide on your favorite hue or can’t pinpoint your personal design style, neutrals are the (very chic) answer. These subtle earth tones play nicely within every color scheme, allowing your area rug to remain a timeless part of your home experience no matter where life takes you. 

Interested in custom rugs that serve up timeless style?  Contact us online or at 713-338-2803 to learn more today!

Endless colors to choose from in the Madison Lily Rugs showroom.
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