Vintage-Inspired and Modern Area Rugs

We believe in creating livable art that lasts a lifetime and that journey begins with the use of exceptional materials. Every rug seen here is exquisitely rendered using the highest grade raw materials, sourced directly from Nepal or India, and can be tailored to fit your individual needs.

Studio Series Collection 2

Founder of Madison Lily Rugs, Edgar Podzemny, is celebrated for his mixed media artwork. With graphic palettes and painterly compositions, Studio Series 1 & 2 transform Edgar’s work from canvas to woven floor-art, inviting the world to experience art in a bold new fashion.

Benjamin Johnston Collection

Benjamin Johnston is an award-winning international designer renowned for creating homes that are classic, curated, and cool. FLIGHT is the debut installment of Ben’s two-part collection and features the motif of exotic plumage, underscoring Ben’s uncanny eye for unexpected natural textures and his keen interest in the world we call home. Impactful and exquisite, each design is a work of art that will dazzle underfoot or as an heirloom-quality wall tapestry.

Architecture Collection

Distinctive in form and detailing, these pieces derive inspiration from the Art Déco movement, channeling glamour through balance and symmetry.

The Marie Flanigan Collection

Marie Flanigan is an award winning interior designer whose passion and achievements in design have positioned her as one of the nation’s best. Simple elegance characterizes her chic collection which celebrates the sophisticated interplay of color, contrast, and texture. These pieces serve as an ideal backdrop, infusing a powerful, yet understated, sense of style throughout any space.

We love partnering with interior designers to create collaborative works of art. Contact our team if you’re interested in submitting concepts for a future collection.

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