5 Fun Ways to Style Your Home with Vintage Rugs

Vintage rugs are a luxury item so many of us dream of having in our homes.  With unique designs, distinctive flair, and patterns of wear that evoke generations of use, vintage rugs are so much more than your standard piece of home décor – they are relics of the past, imbued with history and emotion.

While we can’t all afford authentic vintage rugs, you can always hunt for modern alternatives, like the custom pieces our team crafts that offer up classic style without the vintage price tag. Whether you decide to go all in or create something new, your next step is determining how best to weave these unique beauties into your home.


When it comes to designing with these wildly unique pieces, the options are truly endless, and our team had fun brainstorming a few ideas for you to explore. Enjoy!

Make It the Centerpiece

When you have an exquisite vintage rug in your home, the last thing you want to do is overshadow its beauty with heavy furnishings. Save those for ho-hum rugs that merely lend function and put your vintage stunner on full display as the centerpiece of the room.

We love when designers use modestly-sized poufs or modern, peekaboo coffee tables in glass or acrylic that allow the rich colors and textures of a vintage rug to shine through!

Layer it Up

Rugs are commonly considered a standalone item but, when it comes to home décor, we can’t get enough of layering. While it’s standard practice to place at least one rug in each room, why stop there when you could double or triple up?

You can lay the foundation with a large, neutral jute rug or you can strategically layer complementary pieces to create a one-of-a-kind tapestry of color and pattern. No matter which direction you choose, layering things up is sure to make a statement!

Mix Vintage Colors and Patterns

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to mixing vintage styles. Dying to pair an ornate Persian rug with a bold, art nouveau sofa? Go for it! While you want to avoid warring color palettes that make your home feel disjointed, playing with different styles, colors, and patterns that complement one another is a surefire way to infuse an unexpected dose of interest.

Tack Down a Theme

Vintage rugs are imbued with personality which lends them to a variety of classic and contemporary design themes. Whether you love the pomp and austerity of English elegance, the quaint and homey warmth of French Country, the natural appeal of Boho, or the bright simplicity of Scandinavian design, you can find a vintage rug that suits your theme and use it as the basis for any space within your home.

Take It to a New Level

Last but not least, who says your rugs have to live on the floor? While most people prefer the utility of floor placement to cover cold planks or tiles, enjoy softness underfoot, and eliminate echoes common to hard flooring surfaces, there’s nothing to stop you from hanging a truly exceptional vintage rug on the wall, displaying it like the timeless treasure and valued piece of art that it is.

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